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Jubilee film | dm Österreich

Anni speaks a jubilee film for dm Austria.

Trailer | Jenseits des Bandlewalds

Anni speaks the Yordle Ava Achiever in the game and trailer for Legends of...

Agency | Brilliant Voice®

Anni is a Brilliant Voice® now and can be booked directly with the help...

TV Commercial | Bosse

Anni speaks the current TV commercial for the new album Sunnyside by Bosse for...

Imagefilm | Sparkasse S-Trust

Anni speaks for Sparkassen again. This time a film about S-Trust.

Animatic | League of Legends

A new animatic for the game League of Legends is out now. Anni speaks...

Imagefilm | Geopark Porphyrland

Anni speaks the voice of the stones in an imagefilm for Geopark Porphyrland.

Game Animatic | League of Legends | Wächter des Lichts

Anni speaks the champion Senna in the new game patch Wächter des Lichts in...

Commercials | Trivago

Anni speaks the current TV and online campaign for Trivago.

Game | Legends of Runeterra

Anni speaks the champion Senna in the game Legends of Runeterra.

Imagefilms | Sparkasse | WirWunder

Anni speaks a film fpr project starters and another film for supporters of the...

Game | League of Legends | Wild Rift

Anni speaks Senna die Erlöserin in the game League of Legends - Wild Riftagain.

Commercial | hagebau

Anni speaks a web commercial for hagebau about hagebaumarkt Allatgshelden.

Imagefilm | Goldbeck

Anni speaks an imagefilm for Goldbeck.

Imagefilm | Sparkasse | Kreditkarte Business

Anni speaks an imagefilm for Sparkassen about the Kreditkarte Business.   Watch the film...

Commercials | Zewa

Annii speaks several TV and online commercials for Zewa again this year.

Imagefilm | Prienavera

Anni speaks an imagefilm for Prienavera.

Jubilee film | eMO

Anni speaks the jubilee film for the Berliner Agentur für Elektromobilität eMO as well...

Commercials | BEBA

Anni speaks several TV and online commercials for BEBA again this year.

Imagefilm | LEG

Anni speaks an imagefilm for LEG.

Competition film | Visa

Anni speaks a film for Visa for the Max Award 2021. The project wins...

Podcast & Exhibition | Triennale Brügge 2021

Anni speaks the german Podcast and exhibition guide for Triennale Brügge 2021.

Commercial | Vasenol

Anni speaks the new TV and online ad for Vasenol® Skin Expert Intensive Rescue...

Museum Exhibition | Klassik Stiftung Weimar

Anni speaks the voiceover for several interactive installations about the Park an der Ilm...

Webspot | Deutsche Rentenversicherung

Anni speaks a recruiting spot for Deutsche Rentenversicherung.

Commercial | Landesausstellung Steyr

Anni speaks Katharina von Lamberg, in a TV and radio spot for this years...

Product film | KeContact P30 Green Edition

Anni speaks a product film for KEBA about the climate-neutral solution for charging KeContact...

Animation film | League of Legends | Zerstörung

In 2021 Anni speaks the champion Senna in League of Legends by Riot Games...

Explainer film | Sparkasse Kassensystem

Anni speaks for Sparkasse again and explains the benefits of the cash system in...

Dictation Competition | Joachim Herz Stiftung

Anni reads the dictation for the competition Hamburg Schreibt! from the serial Deutschland Schreibt!,...

Explainer film | dena

Anni speaks a film for dena and explains the concept of energy saving contracting.

Casefilm | girocard

Anni speaks a casefilm for girocard annual figures 2020.

Documentary | The Red House

Anni gives her voice to the interview partners Aleqa Hammond and Lene Warwick in...

Recruiting Film | KMW

Anni speaks a recruiting film for power plant operators at KMW.

Imagefilm | vialytics

Anni speaks an imagefilm for vialytics.

Stationvoice | UnserDing

In 2021 Anni can be heard daily as the stationvoice on UnserDing by Saarländischen...

TV Commercial | Meggle

Anni can be heard in a TV commercial by Meggle this year again.

Imagefilm | ZUWA

Anni speaks an imagefilm for ZUWA pumps.

Radio & P.O.S. | Real

Anni is one of the voices for the Real radio and P.O.S. spots in...


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