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Official Selection | International Freethought Filmfestival 2019

Welcome to the New World has officially been selected by the International Freethought Filmfestival 2019...

Commercials | Rügenwalder Mühle

Anni speaks a campaign with several TV and Online commercials for the vegetarian products...

Online Ad | GoDaddy

Anni speaks an online commercial for GoDaddy.

Jury | Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival

As the winner of the audience award with the film Welcome to the New...

Radio & P.O.S. | Real

Anni speaks as one of many voices the radio and P.O.S. ads for Real...

Explainer film | Western Union

Anni speaks an explainer film for Western Union Austria.

Pitch & Mailbox | DZ-4

Anni speaks for DZ-4 again. This time an internal pitch and the current phone...

Explainer film | Sonicom

Anni speaks in internal explainer film for Sonicom.

Official Selection | International Festival – Signes de Nuit 2019 | Goethe Institut

Welcome to the New World has officially been selected by the Goethe Institut Bangkok...

Erxplainer films | Mercedes

Anni speaks a few internal explainer films for the employees of Mercedes.

Game | Rage 2

Anni speaks several fighters in the game Rage 2 by Bethesda Softworks.

Siren & Commands | ABUS

Anni speaks the system of a siren and commands for emergencies in workshops for...

Explainer film | Barmer

Anni speaks an explainer film in German and English for Barmer health insurance.

Official Selection | En Vous Ment! 2019

Welcome to the New World has officially been selected by En Vous Ment! Festival Documenteur...

360° VR Films | Mazda

Anni speaks several 360° VR films for Mazda.

Imagefilm | Litreca

Anni speaks an imagefilm for the Litreca AG.

Commercials | Meggle

Anni speaks several TV and online commercials for Meggle.

Official Selection | Independent Days Karlsruhe 2019

Welcome to the New World has officially been selected by Independent Days 2019 in...

Campaign film | Natura 2000

Anni speaks one of three voices for the camaign film Ganz meine Natur for...

Imagefilm | Franziskus Hospital Bielefeld

Anni speaks an imagefilm for the Franziskus Hospital Bielefeld to interest young people in...

Audio Play | Conni

Anni speaks the swimming trainer Esma in the famous audio play serial Conni.

Official Selection | Festival Política 2019

Welcome to the New World has officially been selected by Festival Política 2019 in...

Imagefilm | R+S Group

Anni speaks an imagefilm for applicants of the R+S Group.

Live Stunt-Show | Movie Park Germany

Anni speaks new texts for the gangsterboss QueenVillain for a stunt show at the...

Imagefilm | Wir bei DMG MORI

Anni speeaks an imagefilm for DMG MORI.

Game | Anthem

Anni speaks the dealer Mora in Anthem by Electronic Arts in the German version.

Advertising films | L’Oreal – Blond Absolu

Anni speaks several online ads for Blond Absolu by Kérastase (L'Oreal Paris).

Stationvoice | UnserDing

In 2019 you can hear Anni on the radio as usual every day -...

Advertising films | TABBERT

Anni speaks a few online advertising films for TABBERT again.

Werbespots | Zewa

Anni spricht wieder mehrere TV und Online Spots für Zewa.

Social Machinery Film Festival | Best Citizen Activism Award

Welcome to the New World won the "Best Citizen Activism Award" by the Social...

Imagefilm “Selbstbestimmt leben”

Anni speaks an imagefilm for the Marie-Christian-Heime e.V..


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