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TV | Internet | Radio | Cinema | P.O.S. | Event | Exhibition | DVD | Blu-ray | CD | App | Announcement | Podcast and much more


commercial | imagefilm | advertising | jingle | pitch | call-to-action | campaign …


e-learning | educational | explainer film | tutorial | audioguide | mailbox …


report | documentary | informational text | industry film | commentary …


dubbing | game | animatic | audio book | audio play | lyric | voiceover …


voice recording in studio of your choice | homestudio | partner studio


no editing | rough editing, errors erased | synchronic editing | final mastering

remote sessions

Session Link Pro | Source Connect Now and more


time, area, content as required for your project


delivery of files in preferred formats via online upload

audio engineering

basic recording engineering | facilitating of a partner studio with engineer

You want to be involved live during the recording session?
You can listen in and give directions via Skype, Zoom, Session Link Pro and more.

You are not sure what is best for your project?
Find helpful informations about voice recordings from my home-studio in the FAQ section.

The prices are project-dependent and based on:

final use of the production

internal | local | regional | national | international | online
unconditional time of use | limited time of use


single spot/programme | campaign | serial | multiple usage


for example TV | internet | radio | game | audio book

studio wishes

home-studio | my partner-studio | your studio
own direction | your direction

text length

text length in seconds | minutes | characters | number of words

editing wishes

no editing | rough editing, errors erased | synchronic editing | final mastering

Find out more about prices and voice artist fees in the FAQ.
Freelancer, invoice based. Contact me for your project!!

I offer low-budget recordings for social organisations and student projects.


Neumann TLM 103 condenser microphone, pop shield
Steinberg UR44 interface
Mac mini, BenQ 22,5″ LED monitor
Speaker booth


Skype and other chat programmes
Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet and other conference tools
Session Link Pro and such like (with link delivery by client)

recording & editing software

Cubase Elements 11
Final Cut Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
DaVinci Resolve

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