Here you find a few informations about premieres, publications, performances and more by and with Anni Sultany.
In the archive you can find the data of the preceding years.



In December Anni speaks a new module of the e-learning serial by Union Investment
and a radio ad for AOK.

TV-Crime “Aktenzeichen XY… ungelöst”

December the 24th 2018 at 8:15 pm Anni will be on TV in an Aktenzeichen XY… ungelöst episode (Director: Robert Sigl) at ZDF again. This time in a supporting role. More infos will follow.

TV & Online Spot “MyHeritage DNA”

Anni speaks the MyHeritage DNA Christmas spot.

Radio ad “Aktion Mensch”

Anni speaks a shoe-lover for Aktion Mensch in a radio ad.

Documentary “Nach dem Eis”

In the documentary Nach dem Eis (Directors: Marvin Entholt & Peter Bardehle) for arte and ZDFinfo Anni gives here voice to several interview partners: Aleqa Hammond (politician), Susan Salluviniq (Inuit), Victoria Pease (volcanologist) und Okalik Eegeesiak (arctic council).

First broadcast:

arte | Decemeber the 4th 2018 | 10:45 pm

Official Selections “Istanbul | Amman”

Welcome to the New World has officially been selected by the 29th Istanbul International Short Film Festival (Turkey) and Karama Human Rights Film Festival in Amman (Jordan).

Anni plays the leading part Lenina and is the writer, director and editor in cooperation with Jerry Suen.

Watch Trailer

More infos:
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In November Anni speaks a few internal market research films for vegetarian Rügenwalder products again
and an internal explainer film in German and English for the ZKW Group.


Netflix “Minecraft Story Mode”

After Telltale had to close their doors, the popular videogame serial Minecraft Story Mode has been undertooken by Netflix. Starting November the 27th 2018 the first episodes will be on Netflix. Anni speaks Petra again (German version) – one of the main characters: a courageous heroine (second from left on the picture), with a dry sense of humor and the heart in the right place.

Imagefilm “GANSCH TECH – klima- und sozialgerecht Wirtschaften”

Anni speaks for GanschTech again. This time a film about sustainability.

Explainer film “Kopfschmerzwissen für Eilige: Der Film”

Anni speaks an educational film about “headache” for ZIES and explains the different kinds of headaches, their causes and how to prevent or do something about it.

Explainer films “E-Vergabe”

Anni speaks four explainer films for the Hamburger Senats and explains as Petra Dübel the electronic procurement.

All videos:
E-Vergabe: einfach und sicher zur passenden Ausschreibung
E-Vergabe: die Angebotsabgabe mit dem Bieterassistenten
E-Vergabe: alles in der Hand des Bieters
E-Vergabe: der direkte Draht zur Vergabestelle

Official Selections “Biberach | Lübeck | Pembroke |FRONTDOC”

In October Welcome to the New World has officially been selected by Biberacherer Filmfestspiele (Germany), Nordische Filmtage Lübeck (Germany), Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival in L.A. (USA) and FRONTDOC Film Festival in Aosta (Italy).

Anni plays the leading part Lenina and is the writer, director and editor in cooperation with Jerry Suen.

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In October Anni speaks a few local radio ads for Charivari
and an event film for Sparkasse and Deka.

Musicvideo “Rebellen”

Anni contributed as a set-manager and with a little voiceover to the new musicvideo for the song Rebellen by Lina Larissa Strahl.

Advertising films “Bist du wild genug?”

Anni speaks a challenging imagefilm and a few spots for Axamer Lizum.

Imagefilm “Hypo Immobilien & Leasing – Maklerfilm”

Anni speaks the voice of a real-estate broker for Hypo Immobilien.

Winner & Official Selections “Woodstock | Osnabrück | Tryon | Bristol”

In October Welcome to the New World wins the Bristol Radical Film Festival (U.K.) and has officially been selected by the Woodstock Film Festival in New York (USA), the Unabhängiges FilmFest Osnabrück (Germany) and the TRYON International Film Festival (USA).

Anni plays the leading part Lenina and is the writer, director and editor in cooperation with Jerry Suen.

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Video-Clips + Seminars “Der Hamburger Bücherkoffer”

In October the seminar serial Der Hamburger Bücherkoffer by Coach@school e.V. starts again. Anni practices reading for children with parents at elementary schools in Hamburg with a high ratio of families with migrant background.
Several different techniques of reading and multilingual reading are tried out playfully. After that Anni brings suitcases full of multilingual books into the children’s classrooms, which each of the children can take home for one week.
This year the project has been suplemented with youtube clips, so that parents can refresh the seminar knowledge afterwards.

All videos:
Clip 1 – Der Hamburger Bücherkoffer
Clip 2 – Warum Vorlesen?
Clip 3 – Dialogisches Lesen
Clip 4 – Mehrsprachiges Lesen
Clip 5 – Tandem-Lesen
Extra-Clip – Mehrsprachiges Lesen für Fortgeschrittene


In September Anni speaks the audio prompts of an exhibition-experience for CarePort Logistics by VW
and an internal presentation for Union Investment again.

Imagefilm “Stark verwurzelt – HYPO NOE Sportfamilie”

Anni speaks a passionated imagefilm for HYPO NOE Sportfamilie by HYPO NOE Landesbank.

Imagefilm “Eigentlich.”

Anni speaks one of many voices in an imagefilm for Sporthaus Schuster.

Explainer films “TABBERT ist Sicherheit”

Anni speaks 4 films for TABBERT abaout caravans again – this time about safety.

Alle films:
TABBERT Sicher verstaut
TABBERT Fahrsicherheit
TABBERT Sicherheit auf dem Stellplatz
TABBERT Volle Kontrolle

Winner “Kunstgriff Rolle & Anarchy Film Festival”

Welcome to the New World won the 3rd place Audience Award by Kunstgriff Rolle in Heide (Germany) and the “Engaging Filmmaker Award” by the Anarchy Film Festival in Lisbon (Portugal), Brussel (Belgium) and Leeds (UK).

Anni plays the leading part Lenina and is the writer, director and editor in cooperation with Jerry Suen.

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Report “Making of Interzoo”

Anni speaks a short report about the Interzoo and offers a view behind the scenes of this big exhibition.


In August Anni speaks a a podcast for Union Investment again.

Official Selection “Human Rights Film Festival Belfast & Social Machinery Film Festival”

Welcome to the New World has officially been selected by the Human Rights Film Festival in Belfast (U.K.) and the Social Machinery Film Festival in Italy, Toronto und Croatia.

Anni plays the leading part Lenina and is the writer, director and editor in cooperation with Jerry Suen.

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TV, Online + Cinema Commercial “Granini Selection”

Anni speaks a commercial for Granini Selection for TV, internet and cinema.

Employer Film “Mercedes of Service”

Anni speaks an internal employer film for Mercedes.


Documentary “Die DC-3 Story / Jahrhundertflieger DC-3”

In the documentary Die DC-3 Story – Das Flugzeug das die Welt verändert hat (Regie: Peter Bardehle) for arte and ZDFinfo Anni gives her voice to the interview partners Ashley Haase and Camilla Moss.


arte | July 24th 2018 | 9:45 pm
ZDFinfo | August 4th 2018 | 8:15 pm

Online availability:

arte | July 24th – August 22nd 2018
ZDFinfo | August 4th – September 28th 2018

Winner – Audience Award

Welcome to the New World won the audience award in the category fiction at the Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival in Dorset, U.K..
Anni plays the leading part Lenina and is the writer, director and editor in cooperation with Jerry Suen.

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Imagefilm + Cinema Commercial “Dokom21 – Was liegt näher”

Anni speaks an imagefilm for Dokom21.

Funk-Spot Claim “Kein Nachzahlen”

Anni speaks the radio commercial claim for ENTEGA Eco Energy.

Imagefilm “AKS Agentur”

Anni speaks an imagefilm for AKS Agentur.

Watch video on facebook

Premiere “Welcome to the New World”

Exactly one year after the G20-summit put Hamburg into a state of emergency, „Welcome to the New World“ will celebrate it’s official premiere at two history-making venues:

Sunday – July 8th 2018

8:30 pm – Rote Flora, Hamburg/Germany
9:45 pm – St. Pauli Sommerkino, Millerntor-Stadion, Hamburg/Germany

The Festival Der Grenzenlosen Solidarität (festival of unlimited solidarity, July 5th-8th 2018) will be accompanied by lots of activities and closes with the events <Ich G20 Filme gucken + drüber reden at the Flora and G20 Jahrestag-Finale at Millerntor-Stadion.
Between the films there will be time for discussions, exchange and reprocessing.

Watch Trailer

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In June Anni speaks a a podcast for Union Investment again,
an explainer film for the DBV
and a casefilm for CENIT.

TV & Internet Commercials “Zewa”

Anni speaks the current campaign for Zewa and voices diverse commercials for TV and internet.

All videos on youtube:

Zewa – Toilettenpapier ohne Papphülse
Zewa Wisch & Weg
Zewa – Die Mumie
Zewa – Der Zaubertrick


In May Anni speaks an internal employee film for Knorr.

Film Festival “Cannes – Court Métrage 2018”

The shortfilm Welcome to the New World is part of the Cannes Court Métrage 2018.
Anni plays the protagonist Lenina and is responsible for book, direction and editing – together with Jerry Suen. Both will be present at the festival.

Watch Trailer

More informations about the film:
Cannes Catalogue

Radio commercial “Deutsche Bahn”

Anni speaks a furious mother in a radio commercial for Deutsche Bahn.

Imagefilm “Omega Blend”

Anni speaks the off voice in a film about omega fatty acids for Juice Plus.


Explainer film “Skoda PrivatLeasing”

Anni speaks an explainer film for Skoda about the benefits of private leasing.

Watch film

Explainer films “TABBERT ist Wintercamping”

Anni speaks 3 explainer films for TABBERT about caravans that suit for cold days.

All films:
TABBERT Thermische Isolierung
TABBERT Raumklima
TABBERT Wohlfühlraum

Imagefilm “Holzbau für alle Sinne”

For ZimmerMeisterHaus Anni speaks a sensuous imagefilm and concentrates on the marvellous building material “wood”.

Explainer film “MS persönlich – immer an Ihrer Seite”

Anni speaks a personal explainer film from the view of an affected person for the magazine and web portal MS persönlich.

Explainer film “ETON AIR4 QUICKSTART”

For ETON AIR customers, Anni explains the unboxing and installation of the ETON AIR4 speakers.

Radio commercial “Hochzeitstag”

Anni speaks a not so easy to handle wife for hella mineralbrunnen in a radio commercial.

Language Learner Dialogues “Blaupausen”

In a duolingo story for advanced German learners, Anni speaks the fresh married Sandra, who rummages her new, creepy home.


In March Anni speaks a podcast for Union Investment.

Radio commercials “Kaufland”

At Easter Anni speaks several radio spots for Kaufland.


In February Anni speaks some casefilms for Schott and Cenit again,
as well as a mailbox for VODACO.

Imagefilm “Runtastic Premium”

Anni speaks a sports woman’s voice for Runtastic in a motivational film for Runtastic Premium.

watch the video on facebook

Casefilm “Lufthansa – LifeChangingPlaces”

Anni speaks a casefilm for the Lufthansa campaign LifeChangingPlaces.


Stationvoice “UnserDing / SR”

Anni is the new stationvoice for the young radio UnserDing by Saarländischer Rundfunk and supports Christian Balser continiously from January 2018 as the female voice when it comes to program titles, trailers and much more.

A little impression:

Stationvoice – UnserDing (SR)

Social-Spot “Massenvernichtungswaffen”

Anni speaks a social spot for PETA Deutschland e.V. for TV, cinema and web and brings consumption into consciousness.

Olympia-Campaign “Mobilität für Alle”

Anni speaks the #StartYourImpossible campaign Mobilität für Alle for Toyota for the Olympic Games and Paralympics 2018 in the German language version.

Radio-Commercial “AOK Vorsorge”

In a national radio commercial for the AOK Anni speaks a very busy, but well managed mother, that leaves a whatsapp message for her kids.

Imagefilm “Runtastic – Tu es für dich!”

Anni speaks for Runtastic again – this time as one of many voices of sportsmen and women in a motivational film.

Imagefilm “Mit uns wird Reisen zum Erlebnis”

Anni speaks an imagefilm for Bader Reisen Grafenberg.

Explainer film “HAKA Kunz – Direktvertrieb”

Anni explains the direct marketing in a film for HAKA.

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