Offers – based on your wishes and budget:

recording in studio of your choice / Home-Studio / Sonic Sparks  

delivery of files in preferred formats via online upload  
rough editing, errors erased / synchronic editing / final mastering
time, location, content as required for your project

You want to be involved live during recording?
You can listen and give your input via Skype, SLP, Source Connect and more in the session.

You are not sure, what is necessary for your project?
Here you get detailed informations about voice recordings from the home-studio.


The prices are related to industry standards and based on:

length of the text
textlength in seconds / minutes / characters / words

editing wishes
rough editing, clean audio / synchronic editing / final mastering

final use of the production
internet / local / regional / national / international
unconditional time of use / limited time of use

studio wishes
Homestudio / Sonic Sparks / your studio
own direction / another’s direction

Freelancer, invoice based for flat-rated agreed conditions. No hidden costs for you.
Contact me for your project!

I offer low-budget recording for social organisations and student projects.


Røde NT1-A condenser microphone, pop shield
Steinberg UR44 Interface
Beyerdynamic headphones
MacBook Pro, MacBook Air
Speaker booth
Cubase LE AI 9.5
Final Cut Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro CC


FAQ – voice recordings from the home-studio